Aquatell Visits Pentair in Wisconsin October 22, 2018 10:10

Pentair Bishop Woods

Aquatell was recently invited to the first annual Pentair True Blue Summit. Pentair is an industry-leading manufacturer whose brands include Fleck™, Autotrol™, and Pentek™. Most of Aquatell's softeners, backwashing filters, and filter cartridges are made of Pentair components.

True Blue dealers are high-volume and exhibit a high commitment to the Pentair brand, and to our customers. Aquatell is one of only six True Blue dealers in Canada, and one of the two Canadian dealers invited to the Summit in Milwaukee.

The Summit was comprised of a number of different events and site visits. We began at the Milwaukee Bishop Woods Site where we were welcomed by the Executive Team and listened to presentations about where Pentair is going in the Residential Water Treatment market.

We were then treated to a tour of their Bishop Woods facility. This is where Pentair does the Research & Development of their residential product line. Here's a photo of the Bishop's Woods wet lab where products are pressure tested, heat and cold tested, and subjected to hundreds of thousands of cycles to ensure their products work for a long time, in all conditions:

Pentair Bishop Woods Wet Lab

We then got to see the lab where products are challenged against a variety of contaminants to ensure that their real-world performance is up to spec. This is also where Pentair tests their own products prior to sending them away for certification by third-party labs, like NSF or WQA:

Bishops Woods Challenge Lab

The next stop was the Experience Center. Dave showed us a very sophisticated multi-step water purification system that connected to a working kitchen. Dave was able to send different grades of water to different locations in the kitchen to demonstrate the impact of purified water. There was a similar station that showed a coffee shop and how treated water can improve beverage taste:

Experience center

Day two began at the Pentair Brookfield Wisconsin manufacturing plant:

Pentair Brookfield Manufacturing

We got a full tour of the manufacturing plant that makes most of Pentair's residential products:

Brookfield Production Floor

Wally showed us some heavy brass castings and explained the machining process. He also explained the way that parts and sub-assemblies are moved around the plant:

Wally heavy brass castings Pentair

Here are some Pentair employees busy at work on the control valve that we use in the Aqualux Prosoft water softener:

Product of Fleck Control Valve

Pentair's commitment to product quality and employee safety was evident throughout. Overall the Pentair True Blue Summit was an incredible two days of learning and getting inspired. Well done Pentair!  Thank you!