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    Master Reset of Aqualux ProSoft Control Valve

    September 06, 2017 1 min read

    Sometimes a situation may arise where a master reset of the control board on the Aqualux ProSoft control valve will be necessary. This is a two stage process that we outline below.

    Stage 1

    • unplug the power cable for the control valve from the wall
    • once the unit has been unplugged, remove the plastic cover from the top of the control valve

    Aqualux ProSoft Control Valve

    • the front panel (where the input buttons are) is called the controller
    • at the top of the controller, two black clips hold it in place
    • depress these black clips and this will allow the controller to rocker forward
    • carefully pull the controller away from the valve and turn it so you can see the reverse side (careful to not pull out any of the cable connectors)

    Aqualux ProSoft Circuit Board Reset

    • press and hold the black Reset Button for 3 seconds
    • put the controller back onto the valve and make sure the two black plastic clips are seated properly
    • place the cover back on the control valve

    Stage 2

    • press and hold the 'next cycle' button on the controller and hold this button down while the power cable is plugged back in
    • when you see HR on the screen release the 'next cycle' button

    These two processes together will put the control valve back into the factory default un-programmed state. The control valve will need to be reprogrammed for your size of softener, and application after this process is completed.