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    How To Program the Aqualux ProSoft Control Valve

    September 08, 2017 3 min read

    The control valve on an Aqualux ProSoft softener will need to be programmed when you first receive your softener, and may need to be re-programmed if you need to perform a master reset of the machine at any time.  In either case, the programming is very straightforward.

    There are some buttons you'll have to use on the face of the machine:

    Aqualux ProSoft control valve

    Entering the Master Programming Mode:

    • press and hold either the UP or DOWN buttons and the clock will start to move
    • get the time to 12:01 pm (the 'pm' must be shown otherwise it is 'am')
    • once the display shows 12:01 press the NEXT CYCLE button
    • while the display still shows 12:01 pm press the UP and DOWN buttons at exactly the same time, and hold them until the display shows 'DF' on the screen

    Programming Values:

    At each stage of the programming, the left side of the screen will show which stage of the program is being set (DF, VT, BW as examples).  The main part of the screen (center and right) will show the value that is being entered. At each stage of the programming the UP and DOWN buttons are used to scroll through the options, and the NEXT CYCLE button is used to enter that value.

    • set DF to GAL
    • set VT to 5810
    • set RF to df2b
    • set CT to FD

    The next value to enter is the C value. The C stands for capacity. The capacity value will differ depending on the size of the softener you purchased. Softener size is the cubic feet of resin the softener is built with. Here are the different C values that correspond to the different sizes of softeners we sell. The C values provided will allow your softener to operate in the most efficient manner possible:

    • for 0.75 cubic feet C = 15,000
    • for 1.0 cubic feet C = 20,000
    • for 1.5 cubic feet C = 30,000
    • for 2.0 cubic feet C = 40,000
    • for 2.5 cubic feet C = 50,000
    • for 3.0 cubic feet C = 60,000

    Now for the next set of programming values:

    • For the H value use your local hardness value in Grains per Gallon (if you know your hardness in PPM or mg/L divide this value by 17.1 to get Grains per Gallon)
    • set RS to SF
    • set SF to 5
    • For the DO value use 7 if you're on rural well water and use 14 if you're on municipal water
    • RT is the regeneration time - choose the time of day you'd like the softener to regenerate (this process takes about 2 hours)
    • set B1 to 10
    • set BD to 60
    • set B2 to 5
    • set RR to 10

    The BF value stands for Brine Fill. Different BF values are used for different sized softeners. Softener size is the cubic feet of resin the softener is built with. Here are the BF values to use:

    • for 0.75 cubic feet BF = 12
    • for 1.0 cubic feet BF = 16
    • for 1.5 cubic feet BF = 24
    • for 2.0 cubic feet BF = 16
    • for 2.5 cubic feet BF = 20
    • for 3.0 cubic feet BF = 24

    You may have noticed that some of the larger softeners have the same BF value as the smaller softeners. This is because the rate of brine tank refill is higher in the larger systems.

    Now for the last set of programming values:

    • set FM to t1.2
    • set RE to OFF
    • set VR to OFF

    Once this last setting has been entered, the programming menu will be automatically exited. At this point, press and hold either the UP or DOWN button to start the clock moving. When the correct time is displayed on the screen, use the NEXT CYCLE button to enter that value. Remember that 'pm' must be displayed on the screen while setting the clock, otherwise the time is an 'am' time.

    Congrats - you're all done!