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    November 07, 2016 1 min read

    Here at Aquatell Canada we're super excited to be able to offer the Waterstone line of faucets. We're excited because there isn't a higher quality drinking water faucet on the market today. Use with an Aqualux RO system to add unmatched style to the best RO system in Canada. These made-in-USA faucets offer exceptional all-brass construction and a massive number of faucet finishes including 'living finishes' that age as the faucet is used, and create an almost instant vintage effect.



    Every Waterstone faucet is backed by a lifetime 'functionality' warranty. This means that for the lifetime of the faucet it is warranted to physically work. The different finishes offered, all have different warranty lengths. The durable Chrome and Stainless finishes are warranted for life. Clear coated finishes like the popular copper, brass, nickel, and pewter are warranted for 7 years. The 'living finishes' like Weathered Copper or Black Oil Rubbed Bronze are stunning, but not very resistant to cleaning chemicals or wear and tear and don't have any warranty at all.

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