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    Buy Aquasafe Canada Reverse Osmosis Replacement Cartridges Here!

    June 23, 2017 1 min read

    Over the last few months we've had a number of Aquasafe reverse osmosis system owners contact us asking if we sell replacement cartridges for these systems. We do! We've built filter bundles at discounted prices that make replacing your Aquasafe reverse osmosis filter cartridges and membranes easy and affordable:

     Aquasafe Home II System:

    Aqua Safe Home 2 System

    Aquasafe Home II + Remineralizing System:

    Maximus II System:

    Maximus II + Remineralizing System:

    Maximus II + remineralizing Aquasafe Reverse Osmosis System


    Aquasafe is a manufacturer or reverse osmosis systems based out of Saanichton British Columbia. For the last 10 years Aquasafe has been a popular online destination for the purchase of reverse osmosis systems and associated replacement parts and pieces. It appears that Aquasafe is no longer in business as we've had numerous customers of theirs tell us they've been unable to reach them to order replacement parts for their RO systems. We've also noticed that on Google, their physical location is recorded as permanently closed.